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Biscred Releases Salesforce Integration

Biscred is excited to release our Salesforce integration to further improve users' prospecting practices and revenue-driving capabilities.

Unlock streamlined lead generation with Biscred's Salesforce integration

Users can use Biscred's extensive CRE data to identify potential clients, extend their CRE network, and discover decision-makers that align with their offerings. Then with just a push of a button, those new leads will populate in Salesforce with our new integration.

Enhance go-to-market strategies with asset and industry insights

By integrating Biscred data, users can access detailed information about assets and CRE industries directly within Salesforce. This enables users to tailor their sales and marketing strategies more effectively and engage with prospects based on their specific needs.

Empower your team with data accuracy and increased productivity

Biscred provides accurate CRE data backed by our in-house research team. Integrating this data with Salesforce ensures that users' SFDC has the latest information about CRE businesses and contacts. This helps in maintaining data accuracy and reduces the risk of using outdated information.

By providing sales and marketing teams with access to comprehensive CRE data within Salesforce, organizations can increase the productivity of their teams. Sales reps can focus on selling, while marketers can create more targeted campaigns, leading to improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Set up a demo to learn how your team can start leveraging Biscred to smash your growth targets.

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