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Your feedback is our product roadmap. Keep track of updates and new feature releases, directly from the Biscred team.

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Q2 2024

Company Keywords: Biscred’s Criteria Search is now even more powerful with the addition of Company Keywords. This enhanced search capability allows users to quickly discover niche companies based on any text displayed on their website. Hyper-specific CRE prospecting has never been easier.

Click here to view examples and learn how you can leverage Biscred’s Company Keywords to smash your growth targets.

Q1 2024

Shared Lists: Users can now share lists with other account members. To share, navigate to the list tab and hit the edit button on an existing list. Shared users have all the same edit permissions to add or remove records, but only the list creator can delete a list from the platform. However, shared users can duplicate the list which creates a private copy. This new feature allows for more in-platform collaboration across teams. From suppressing assigned prospects from future searches to building the perfect ABM list, Shared Lists unlocks more efficiency with Biscred.

Contact Count: We have increased our contact count to over 540,000. We have roadmapped continued improvements to our contact coverage to provide end-to-end discovery and application of CRE prospects.

Q4 2023

CRM Integration: Those of you who use Salesforce are in luck - you can now export companies and contacts directly from Biscred to your Salesforce. This is our first CRM integration, with other providers including HubSpot in the pipeline.

Phone Number Coverage: We released over 102,000 phone numbers to the platform in November. We know cold calling is an important tactic to our customer base and will continue to invest in this dataset.

Company & Contact Count: We surpassed 180,000 companies in the product and just added an additional 160,000 contacts. Our velocity continues to accelerate as we see investments in both AI and our in-house research team continue to pay off.

New Industry Data Set: The industries of Property Management and Construction have been added to the platform. This data set unlocks new prospecting targets and will continue to grow in coverage.

Q3 2023

Search Summary: Users are now able to see an interactive summary of their search results in the right-hand panel. Review results by checking up to 8 parameters within each category. This feature allows users to digest large data sets faster so they can further segment outreach, increase personalization and drive higher engagement.

New Industry Data Set: The industry category General Contractor has been added to the platform. This data set unlocks new prospecting targets and will continue to grow in coverage.

Q2 2023

Advanced Search: Our criteria search just got more advanced. Users now have precise control over search results using exact & exclude capabilities. Selecting exact will return results where the company or person only specializes in that exact selection. Likewise, exclude can be used to narrow down search results even faster by removing irrelevant segments.


New Company Publishing: As always, your feedback is our product roadmap. We are now releasing companies we have researched and categorized but have not completed the employee roster. Users will be able to request which companies get prioritized for research in addition to the 10,000 new contacts Biscred publishes weekly.


Before Request

After Request

New Industry Data Sets: Architect, Engineering & Interior Design industry categories have been added to the platform. These data sets have unlocked new prospecting targets and will continue to grow in coverage.

New Filter Criteria: Property Count has been added as a company criteria filter allowing users to segment searches by the size of the organization's public portfolio.

Persistent Quick Search: This feature allows users to access quick search from any page using the Magnifying Glass Icon in the top right for fast and seamless navigation. Additionally using the shortcut cmd+k (macs) or ctrl+k (windows) will pull up the search function for even speedier results.


Q1 2023

Criteria search 2.0

Criteria search has undergone a major overhaul allowing users to search across both company and people criteria at once. Additional filter criteria have been added including but not limited to Company Contact Count, Exclude Saved Company Lists, and Exclude Saved People Lists. To see Criteria Search 2.0 in action watch our release video here.

Contact count

A new field has been added called contact count. Users can now view, filter, and sort searches based on the number of people associated with a company in Biscred.

Side panel navigation

Search result side panel navigation has been updated. All filters are now in the right-hand nav that users can open and close as needed. This includes a new section Applied Criteria that provides an overview of all of the criteria that a user has selected.

Download center updates

Users can go to this tab to monitor how far toward their download limit they are and access their historical downloads.

Download notifications

When a file is finished downloading, users will now get a notification in the platform. The notification will have a link where the user can download the file directly instead of accessing via email. Delivery via email is still available if the user selects this option in the download center.


Q4 2022

Saved searches

Optimize your efficiency with saved searches. Revisit past saved searches in 1 click from the main navigation.

Segmented owner, operator & developer industry tag

Get even more targeted and filter to exactly who you need with expanded industry segmenting. New segments include private equity, institutional investor, real estate investment firm, real estate investment trust (REIT), developers, and operators.

Download list

Select an entire list or just the contacts you need. Under actions, select download list, and a CSV is sent to the account email address.


Q3 2022

Save to list

Create your prospecting list directly in Biscred. Select contacts from the search using radio buttons or select all features. Under actions, select save to list and create a new list or add to an existing list. Access list from the main navigation organized by person or company.

Advanced sort capabilities

Sort person or company search results alphabetically by any column. Select, deselect, and arrange columns based on your use case.


In addition to 35 job title options select from 5 seniorities while using a person criteria search. Seniorities include executive, Senior level, mid-level, junior level, and specialty.


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