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Your feedback is our product roadmap. Keep track of updates and new feature releases, directly from the Biscred team.

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Q4 2022

Saved searches

Optimize your efficiency with saved searches. Revisit past saved searches in 1 click from the main navigation.

Segmented owner, operator & developer industry tag

Get even more targeted and filter to exactly who you need with expanded industry segmenting. New segments include private equity, institutional investor, real estate investment firm, real estate investment trust (REIT), developers, and operators.

Download list

Select an entire list or just the contacts you need. Under actions, select download list, and a CSV is sent to the account email address.


Q3 2022

Save to list

Create your prospecting list directly in Biscred. Select contacts from the search using radio buttons or select all features. Under actions, select save to list and create a new list or add to an existing list. Access list from the main navigation organized by person or company.

Advanced sort capabilities

Sort person or company search results alphabetically by any column. Select, deselect and arrange columns based on your use case.


In addition to 35 job title options select from 5 seniorities while using a person criteria search. Seniorities include executive, Senior level, mid-level, junior level, and specialty.


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