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Biscred is a sales and marketing prospecting platform for reaching commercial real estate.

What is Biscred?

Upon logging in to Biscred, users can do a “Quick Search” to locate known contacts or companies, or run a “Criteria Search” using more than 10 filters to produce a list of results that match a specific persona.


For example, users can search for executives at development firms based in Boston who have experience in life sciences. Once users have completed their query in just a few clicks, they can download the list or import it directly into their CRM for their next business development campaign. 

How does Biscred work?

Until now, there have been 2 types of tools on the market. The first kind can locate contact information but does not have the accurate CRE classifications needed for a specific search. The second kind has extensive details about CRE but does not have quality contact data, making it unactionable and detrimental to use.


Biscred combines commercial real estate categorization with accurate contact data. Our data structure is built with only CRE in mind and transforms contact sourcing from your greatest obstacle to your ace in the hole.

What makes Biscred different than other tools?

We cover commercial real estate in the United States and have over 30 industries to select from in the platform including owners, operators, developers, architects, engineering, interior design, general contractors, property management, and construction.

What types of contacts does your database include?

Biscred offers package pricing based on the number of users and downloads. Set up a demo with our team for pricing based on your use case. 

How much does Biscred cost?
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