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The Answers You Need

Biscred offers package pricing based on the number of users. To request pricing information, contact our team here to learn about the options best suited for your business' needs.

How much does Biscred cost?

We cover all United States-based owners, operators, and developers.  We are rapidly expanding our coverage of the commercial real estate industry and will soon have other industries such as architects, designers, engineers, general contracts, and more.

What types of contacts does your database include?

Biscred is designed to work for a variety of businesses, both replacing or complementing your existing sales tools. Talk with one of our team members here to learn more about our capabilities and what makes sense for your business.

Does this replace my other sales enablement tools?

Biscred stemmed from the lack of proper sales enablement and prospecting tools in the Commercial Real Estate space. Salespeople spend far too much time going back and forth between search engines, CRE databases, and contact info products, and not enough time selling. Our goal was to create an intuitive, easy-to-use, sales enablement and prospecting tool that covers the entirety of the CRE marketplace. No matter which CRE industry vertical you need to reach, Biscred will help you spend less time researching and more time selling. 

Why did you create Biscred?

Biscred combines the key elements of our mission: business commercial real estate data. At our core, Biscred is meant to simplify the CRE industry’s way of doing business, finding contacts, and utilizing data. 

What does Biscred mean?
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