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Biscred Q4 Update

We've been busy here at Biscred and wanted to share a short highlight of some recent product enhancements. 

Phone Number Coverage: We’ve released over 102,000 phone numbers to the platform this quarter. We know cold calling is an important tactic to our customer base and will continue to invest in this dataset. 

Company Count: We surpassed 185,000 companies in the product. Our velocity continues to accelerate as we see investments in both AI and our in-house research team continue to pay off. Be on the lookout for some exciting contact expansion happening in 2024.

CRM Integration: Those of you who use Salesforce are in luck - you can now export companies and contacts directly from Biscred to your Salesforce. This is our first CRM integration, with other providers including HubSpot in the pipeline. 

Team Expansion: We are thrilled to announce that we have hired Chanan Braunstein as the new VP of Technology for Biscred. This new role on our team is a continuation of our investment in the future growth of the product.

Set up a demo to learn how Biscred can empower your team to find new companies, new prospects and unlock new levels of productivity to smash your growth targets in 2024.

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