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Biscred is excited to release Company Keywords

Biscred’s Criteria Search is now even more powerful with the addition of Company Keywords. This enhanced search capability allows users to quickly discover niche companies based on any text displayed on their website. Hyper-specific CRE prospecting has never been easier.

Keep reading to learn how you can leverage Biscred’s Company Keywords to smash your growth targets.

How It Works

In Criteria Search, enter any phrase relevant to your ideal target in the Company Keywords search bar. Next, layer on additional criteria to build your prospect list including industry, asset experience, property count, and more. Then click view results.

In the results, view how often your keyword is referenced by each company to easily select the highest value prospects.

Get all the details in context by viewing the web pages that include keywords and customize your outreach.

Keep in mind, that you can not use a keyword phrase greater than 75 characters or more than 10 unique keywords at a time. Otherwise, the sky is the limit.


LEED Certified

If you are looking for companies that are LEED-Certified you can use the keywords “LEED, LEED Certified, and LEED-Certified” and view company results. Adding multiple keywords or phrases into one search will serve results that fit any of your terms.


If you are looking for companies who have worked with Hilton before you can use the keyword “Hilton” to view companies who reference the hotel chain on their website. When combined with additional criteria filters this can create a short list of companies with very specific experience.

Specific Address

If you are looking for companies associated with a specific address you can enter it into the Company Keywords search bar. Results will include both tenants who list the address on their website and companies who have the address listed as a project. Easily determine the use case by viewing the page context.

Keyword Bank

There are virtually no limits when it comes to Company Keywords. But sometimes having endless options is daunting. Our team put together a few high-value keywords to get you started.

  • LEED-certified

  • ESG

  • Cold storage

  • Class A, Class B, Class C

  • Stadium

  • Golf course

  • Airport

  • Hilton

  • AmTrak

  • Municipality

  • RFP

  • Market Rate

  • Development pipeline

  • Upcoming project

  • Job posting

  • Assets under management

  • Build to rent

  • Limited Partner

  • General Partner

  • Garden style

Interested in road testing some of your own custom searches? Book a call here and start simplifying CRE prospecting today.

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