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The idea for Biscred was born out of a clear need for a commercial real estate specific prospecting tool. Bisnow's CEO Will Friend saw the opportunity. Despite being an industry leader in CRE events, marketing, and news, the Bisnow sales team had a multi-step prospecting process with a steep learning curve for new employees. They used various tools already on the market; some platforms were amazing at finding contact information, but didn’t know the nuances of commercial real estate required to be truly effective. Others knew commercial real estate cold, but still required additional research to find the right decision maker. The CRE industry was already complex enough. Far too much time went into researching prospects and not enough time went into selling.


To take on this challenge was no easy feat. A team of more than 120 research professionals, data scientists, and technologists assembled to devote themselves to one clear goal – create the gold-standard platform for navigating the commercial real estate market.


Using the foundation of Bisnow’s first-party data from 11 million readers across 50 markets, the Biscred team established methodology, defined industry classifications, built schema, researched contact information, and created an intelligent database that delivers the information that sales professionals need – and removes what they don’t. 


Biscred has the ability to go deeper than any other platform on the market, allowing your team to leverage decades of experience, years of research and organization, and immeasurable industry knowledge – all in the click of a button. Check out the product with a demo to see the vision come to life.


New York

123 William Street

Suite 1505

New York City, NY 10038



2101 4th Ave

Suite 810 

Seattle, WA 98121

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