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Biscred is committed to empowering users to seamlessly discover, activate, and leverage data to achieve their growth goals. Our mission is to be the definitive source of truth on commercial real estate data for sales and marketing teams. Our relentless commitment ensures our customers are empowered with the highest-quality CRE data and an intuitive UI so they can navigate the market with unrivaled speed and expertise.

"In just over 3 months, we’ve already done $600,000 in new business from Biscred."

VP Real Estate & Development, Newfront Insurance

"The Biscred platform has reduced our prospecting timeline by more than 50%."




Biscred was born out of a need for a better way to source commercial real estate contacts. There was a clear lack of understanding of the CRE industry in existing contact-sourcing tools, experienced by the Bisnow sales team, and the CRE community, daily. CEO Will Friend saw that Bisnow was uniquely positioned to address this gap and began development on the Biscred platform in 2020. 

A team of more than 120 research professionals, data scientists, and technologists were assembled to take on this challenge. They devoted themselves to one clear goal – to create the definitive source of truth on commercial real estate data for sales and marketing teams.

Using the foundation of Bisnow’s first-party data from 11 million readers across the United States, the Biscred team established methodology, defined industry classifications, built the schema, researched contact information, and created a prospecting platform that makes finding specific commercial real estate contacts easy.

In July 2021, Biscred entered the market as a stand-alone platform and today boasts over 250,000 companies across 30 CRE-specific industries including Private Equity, Real Estate Investment Firm, Developer, Operator, Proptech, General Contractor, and more.

As a spin-off of Bisnow, Biscred is separated from its parent company yet united by the common mission to help the commercial real estate industry do more business. Bisnow has been the leader in CRE news and events for nearly 2 decades, facilitating connections between industry decision-makers through networking, advertising, and thought leadership.

With the addition of Biscred to the Bisnow family of companies, sales and marketing professionals can now discover new commercial real estate contacts with specificity and speed based on CRE indicators and leverage email addresses, phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles to make connections and close deals.

Biscred is the only purpose-built CRE sales and marketing enablement platform, allowing you to leverage decades of experience, years of research and organization, and immeasurable industry knowledge – to find your ideal prospects instantly. Check out the product with a demo to quickly find the commercial real estate contacts you need.


Rob Armstrong

Rob led product at market-leading data companies Madison Logic and Dun & Bradstreet. He is also a co-founder of Bombora, a pioneer in the B2B intent data category. At Biscred, he drives the company’s mission and the innovation that empowers CRE to activate data to achieve its growth goals.

VP of Technology

Chanan Braunstein

Chanan is an experienced engineering executive with a background in big data with industry leaders Rosetta Stone and Pearson Education. At Biscred, he provides technical leadership, architecture solutions, and software development including AI.

VP of Marketing

Gabriella Walling

Gabriella has nearly a decade of expertise in commercial real estate developed while marketing for Bisnow, the leading news organization in the industry. At Biscred, she’s a champion for CRE go-to-market teams and obsesses over empowering them to leverage data and cutting-edge digital techniques to smash their growth targets.

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