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The prospecting tool designed for construction material companies

Step 1

Build your target list by industry and asset type.

Step 2

Filter down the list by city, title, or other metrics.

Step 3

Save the list and create alerts to keep track of your contacts including job changes and promotions. 

Step 4

In less than 60 seconds you’re on your way to making calls and closing deals.

Find the right people before the building breaks ground

The building materials space is the backbone of the real estate industry. Whether you’re selling into office, industrial or multifamily its vital to have established relationships pre-build. Other prospecting tools organized around assets miss the opportunity to find targets precontrusction. With Biscred, you can easily find developers, owners and operators in your target market and save your search. Using smart alerts, know when a contact matches your prospect criteria instantly so you can be top of mind before anyone else.

Sales enablement built for construction material companies

Construction Material Manufacturers

Companies within the commercial building manufacturers industry use Biscred to find owners of office across the US. Set up alerts to know right away when a new contact meets your search criteria. With more building materials companies vying for market share it's never been more important to optimize your prospecting process.

Building Material Suppliers

Commercial building materials suppliers use Biscred to find developers across the Northeast. From cement to steel, construction and building materials companies can find the prospects they need faster. With search attributes designed to help navigate the intricacies of commercial real estate, finding your next big lead is easier than ever. 

Commercial Material Distributors

Commercial building distributors use Biscred to pinpoint operators of multifamily in Los Angeles in just 3 clicks. Whether you specialize in plumbing or lighting finding your target audience across commercial real estate has never been easier. Material distributors finally have a one-stop shop for all their prospecting needs.

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