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Beyond Paid Ads: Biscred’s Innovative Approach to CRE Marketing

As a marketer, you are always asking yourself how you can do more with less. What levers can I pull to lower my cost per lead? How can I optimize my campaigns to get the most bang for my buck? Can I stay within budget and still surpass my target?

With an average of 8 touches required before a prospect connects with sales, cost per customer acquisition can quickly skyrocket. 

But what if you weren’t reliant on paid channels to reach your target market? With Biscred you can not only locate the correct CRE targets more efficiently, but you have access to their emails, phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles to leverage across your campaigns.

Below I’ve run through a few ways I leverage Biscred in my marketing plan to make sure every dollar spent makes the biggest impact possible.

Build brand awareness with email marketing

  • Problem: You need to develop brand awareness with your target audience, but you don’t have contact information in your CRM.

  • Solution: Biscred’s criteria search allows you to narrow in on the exact contacts you need to reach. Select from industry, asset class experience, projects, and job seniority to build custom lists for your next campaign.

  • Result: You’re able to launch your company newsletter in record time. You can start building brand awareness with your target market without waiting years to build up relationships organically.

  • Bonus: You can customize your outreach based on company and individual demographics so the content you are sending provides value for each recipient. 

Drive CRE leads with event follow-ups

  • Problem: You attended an industry event and had great conversations, but you only received a handful of business cards.

  • Solution: Run the attendee list through Biscred to capture an email address for everyone who registered. Then export to your CRM to send a thank-you email to your key targets after the event with a call to action. 

  • Result: You ensure you have a touchpoint with every relevant attendee and walk away with more leads from your event spend.

  • Bonus: Move engaged contacts into a monthly newsletter so you stay top of mind when they’re ready to buy.

Convert CRE leads with paid advertising

  • Problem: You need to find new customers with paid advertising, but the targeting options are not specific to your commercial real estate use case.

  • Solution: You use Biscred’s criteria search to build a highly targeted audience segment based on industry, asset class experience, and job classification. You then upload it into your advertising tool of choice, such as LinkedIn or StackAdapt.

  • Result: You are only paying to serve ads to customers within your target market. Your lead quality improves and costs per lead drops.

  • Bonus: You can seamlessly follow up with ad clicks because you have their contact information in your CRM.

Nurture ad clicks with enriched data

  • Problem: 500 people clicked your ad on LinkedIn, but only 5 people filled out your form.

  • Solution: Run company names or website domains from your ad clicks through Biscred to build full company rosters. You can further segment your list by job classification or seniority and then upload it into your CRM to include in your next nurture campaign.

  • Result: You get the benefit of every ad dollar spent. By nurturing all prospects you built brand awareness with, you stay in their consideration set and can convert them when they are ready to buy.

  • Bonus: For any companies in CRE you can’t find in Biscred, our team will implement custom research so you are always maximizing your paid spend.

Only 5% of B2B buyers are in-market to buy at any given time. Therefore, the brand that is remembered is the brand that wins the deal. It's vital to stay top of mind. To do this while keeping cost per customer acquisition low, reach your prospects with a mix of both paid and owned channels.

With Biscred, you can ensure every marketing dollar spent makes the biggest impact possible. No leads are left behind when you can enrich your prospects with Biscred contact data. Furthermore, leveraging human-verified industry and asset experience data, allows marketers to ensure contacts are always receiving the best content for their use case. 

If you’re looking to level up your marketing efforts while keeping costs within budget, there is no better solution than Biscred for reaching commercial real estate.

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