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Biscred allows our team to be much more efficient in our research and outreach. Its laser focus on the CRE vertical brings a tremendous amount of trust and efficiency to our processes.

Local Logic

EVP of Growth

Trusted by commercial real estate movers and shakers

Finding contact information for borrowers with Biscred is simple. It has saved us so much time and made hitting our targets much easier."

- Assoc. Originations, BridgeInvest

Alec Raich

Associate, Originations

Instantly identify Commercial Real Estate contacts

Biscred makes finding specific commercial real estate contacts easy with the only purpose-built sales and marketing enablement platform for the commercial real estate industry.


Looking for a faster way to find contact information for investors or owners working with developers, private equity firms or REITs? Biscred makes it easy to instantly find your ideal prospects.


  • Discover new commercial real estate companies and contacts based on CRE-specific indicators including industry, asset experience, and seniority. 

  • Quickly discover ideal targets based on any text displayed on a company’s website.

  • Easily download email addresses, phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles of your ideal prospects to smash goals.


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