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Identify qualified borrowers for your CRE direct lending efforts

The commercial real estate marketing is challenging for dealmaking, and it's never been more important to identify, nurture, and activate relationships with potential borrowers. Biscred allows lenders, investors, capital venture firms to identify, save, and download lists of commercial real estate companies and contacts based on qualifying CRE indicators. Empowering lenders and financiers to leverage email addresses and phone numbers of your ideal borrowers to start conversations and ultimately smash goals.

The Problem

Direct lending in CRE is tough to generate

Between interest rates and recent policy shifts, direct lenders need to generate more meaningful and consistent interaction with borrowers directly. But not everyone is equipped with deep research teams and resources for identifying prospective borrowers, or the marketing means to communicate with them.

Our Solution

Take control of your originations

Biscred's commercial real estate database is a self-serve solution that has qualifying information on borrowers including commercial property  owners, investors, developers & operators. Filter by asset class experiences (including multifamily, affordable housing, senior housing), location, and job title to independently locate new borrowers who need financing.

Your Result

Smash your business goals

Identify your potential targets, funnel them into your pipeline, and simplify smashing your goals with Biscred. With CRE-specific targeting and contact data in hand, you can reach borrowers in need of financing directly.

Finding contact information for borrowers with Biscred is simple. It has saved us so much time and made hitting our targets much easier.

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