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Biscred Q3 Wrap-Up

As Q3 comes to a close, we want to take a moment to reflect on the major milestones Biscred has accomplished.

Company Coverage: We’ve released over 115,000 companies to the platform since July 1. This is over 6x growth from the start of the quarter.

New Industry Data Sets: We’ve added 6 new industries to the platform: Architect, Engineering, Interior Design, General Contractor, Property Management & Construction. We’re continuing towards our goal of becoming the most robust CRE database in the world and have more industries waiting in the wings.

Search Summary: We’ve developed a data visualization tool to make drilling into large data sets easier than ever. We’re passionate about providing data for decision-making. Whether it’s expanding into new markets, dividing sales territory, or customizing your outreach this is just one step we’re taking to make Biscred data integral to your success.

We're really proud of what the team has accomplished in just 3 months. We now have our sights set on Q4 where we are planning to release even more data and a client-driven CRM integration that will take operational efficiency to the next level.

Set up a demo to learn how Biscred can empower your team to find new companies, new prospects and unlock new levels of productivity to smash your growth targets.

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