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Faster Prospecting &

Sales Enablement


The intelligent database connecting you to owners, developers and key CRE decision makers

Data that powers your sales team and scales your business

Biscred is a sales enablement and prospecting tool that allows you to find prospects throughout the commercial real estate industry more efficiently through an easy-to-use, intelligent database.

Built to navigate commercial real estate

CRE is complex. Whether you're looking for high-rise multifamily unit developers or owners of new retail properties, we've got the fastest path to finding them. Our intelligent database is designed for navigating the nuances of commercial real estate. With Biscred, you can spend more time selling to prospects and waste less time trying to find them.


Learn more about Biscred's intuitive data and filtering tools below.

Your niche is our specialty

Biscred is designed to serve you. Whether you sell to operators of multifamily across the Northwest or owners of office space in Miami, our data infrastructure was constructed to support the complexities of the niche you serve. With search parameters customized for navigating commercial real estate, drilling down and finding your ideal prospects has never been easier.


Quickly search for contacts based on known company names.


Primary company function. Example: Developer, Architect, Operator.

Asset Class

Type of real estate. Example: Industrial, Office, Multifamily.


Job title category. Example: Executive, Senior, Mid-Level.


Company office locations. Example: New York, Dallas, Los Angeles.




Data Centers



Life Sciences

Student Housing

Senior Husing

And More

The data points you need to sell

Our database allows you to find your prospects using CRE-specific search attributes and then delivers the data points you need to sell. Research your targets and uncover full name, title, and contact information including direct phone numbers, email addresses, and more. You'll know more about your target in mere seconds--and be able to connect with them in just one click. Prospecting has never been more efficient.

Let's Talk Data

How Biscred brought together 14 years of real estate data and expertise to enhance CRE sales prospecting.

Multifamily Housing

A guide to understanding the industry, trends, and major operators in the commercial real estate multifamily sector.

Life Sciences

Where are the biotech and life science clusters and hubs in the US? Get the latest data on life science real estate development.


The latest updates and resources about how CRE professionals are leveraging proptech in their business.