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How to use Biscred’s Criteria Search 2.0

We are beyond excited to bring you criteria search 2.0 with capabilities to further streamline your prospecting process.

Criteria search has undergone a major overhaul allowing users to search across both company and people criteria at one time.

Company: Industry, Company Asset Experience

People: Job Seniority, People Asset Experience

Several additional fields have been added as filter criteria including:

  • Company Name (Previously only available via quick search)

  • Company City

  • Company Contact Count

  • People Names (Previously only available via quick search)

  • People Job Titles

  • People Cities

  • And You can even Exclude Your previously saved Companies and people

Let’s see Criteria Search 2.0 in action with a few search examples below.

Example 1: Find me all the executives who work for a Private Equity Firm

Drill down even further by removing executive titles that don’t apply to your search in the right-hand panel.

Example 2: Find every “Project Manager” that works for a company dealing with Multifamily assets

Notice the right-hand panel which shows both the company count and people count that match the criteria.

Example 3: Find me all Executive & Senior Level Employees who work at CBRE

Combine the power of targeted quick search with detailed criteria search to be more efficient in your outreach.

Filter Logic

Filters have built-in logic as to how they work across attributes.

Any criteria selected in the same attribute will function as an OR operator

  • Example: [Affordable Housing OR Multifamily]

If I select “Affordable Housing” & “Multifamily” from the Company Asset Experiences attribute, my search will return all companies where they are tagged “Affordable Housing” OR “Multifamily” assets. My search will also return all of the people who work at companies where they are tagged “Affordable Housing” OR “Multifamily.”.

  • Example. [New York OR New Jersey]

If I select “New York” & “New Jersey” from the People State attribute, my search will return all Persons where they are tagged “New York” OR “New Jersey”. My search will also return all Companies that have Persons located in “New York” OR “New Jersey” associated with them.

Any criteria selected in different attributes will function as an AND operator

  • Example: [Real Estate Investment Firm] AND [New York]

If I select “Real Estate Investment Firm” in the Company Industries attribute & select “New York” from the Company States attribute, my search will return all companies that are tagged as “Real Estate Investment Firm” AND “New York”. My search will also return any people who work at companies that meet the criteria.

  • Example: [Director] AND [Hospitality]

If I select “Director” from the Seniority attribute & Hospitality” from the People Asset Experience attribute, my search will return all Persons who are tagged as “Director” AND are tagged as “Hospitality”. My search will also return all companies that have a Director who works in Hospitality.

Criteria applied across Companies, Persons & attributes will follow all of the same rules as our last example

  • Example: [Developer] AND [Texas OR Arizona OR New Mexico OR Oklahoma]

If I select “Developer” from the Company Industries attribute & “Texas”, “Arizona”, “New Mexico”, & “Oklahoma” from the Company State attribute, my search will return all companies tagged “Developer” AND (“Texas” OR “Arizona” OR “New Mexico” OR “Oklahoma”)

  • Example: [Operator] AND [Chairman OR Chief Executive Officer]

If I select “Operator” from the Company Industries attribute & “Chairman” & “Chief Executive Officer” from the Person Seniority attribute, my search will return any company that is tagged “Operator” AND has a “Chairman” OR “Chief Executive Officer” Person associated with it on Biscred. My search will also return all Persons tagged “Chairman” OR “Chief Executive Officer” AND work at a company tagged “Operator”

Let’s reset the search here and choose some new criteria.

Example: [Managing Director] AND [Boston or New York]

If I select “Managing Director” from the Seniority attribute & “Boston” & “New York” from the People Cities attribute, my search will return all Persons tagged “Managing Director” AND are located in “Boston” OR “New York” city. My search will also return all companies that have a Person tagged “Managing Director” AND are located in the “Boston” OR “New York” city.

Pro Tips from our Product Team

1 - Best practices would suggest starting with Company level filters and layering in Person level filters only when necessary. Especially for attributes that are duplicated across Person & Company (Asset Experience, State, City).

Person-level data will always be more “precise”, however, our standards are very high for assigning people-level data (we never make assumptions about the Persons in Biscred). This could cause you to miss out on some relevant contacts.

2 - Using the newly added Exclude Saved Company Records & Exclude Saved Person Records toggles can allow users to remove any companies or persons that they have previously saved to a list.

This filter is great to use when you are using a list to track users added to a marketing campaign or already uploaded to your CRM. Toggling this filter on and excluding these records will prevent you from surfacing them again unintentionally.

3 - Job Title search allows users to target Employees with even more specificity. Keep in mind, Job Title searches will return any titles that have the keywords entered in the title

  • Example: “Vice President” will return titles such as “Vice President”, “Senior Vice President”, “Assistant Vice President”, “Vice President, Property Management”, etc.

  • Example: Searching “Vice President” and “Head Of” will return people with titles that contain “Vice President” OR “Head of”

4 - Cities, both people & companies, is a great field to use to get even more precise results. Drill down on exactly the area you are most interested in.

Several companies have multiple locations, searching a city (or state) will search for a company across all offices (regional & HQ). Persons always have exactly one city & state associated with them.

5 - Users can use the new HQ Only toggle to specify if they want to return only headquarters or all offices.

6 - Users can search for People records at the city level. City & State filters make it possible to create a conflicting filter.

  • Example: City = Dallas & State = California | There is no Dallas, California so this will always return 0 results

You made it to the end! You are now a Criteria Search 2.0 expert. Use Biscred’s most powerful search capabilities to take your prospecting efficiency to the next level.

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