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5 Ways Smart Sales Intelligence Replaces Lead Generation for Architects

Marketing for architects typically falls on the firms’ founders and their business managers, who also wear hats for human resources, accounting, communications, and various administrative duties. That’s a lot of hats to wear.

For architectural firms that lack large business development teams, dedicated sales and marketing teams, and huge advertising and marketing budgets, generating new business can get pushed to the back burner. In fact, many architectural firms tell us that until now, they’ve heavily relied on word of mouth, repeat business, and inbound inquiries for new business.

For architectural and design firms that are looking to actively grow their commercial real estate business, Biscred has been a game-changer. The intelligent CRE database helps architects access owners, developers, operators, and decision-makers at commercial real estate properties. While it’s easy to say how important a data-driven approach is, it is just as easy to get buried under manual processes to retrieve, sort, analyze and then act on that data. So, that’s where Biscred’s technology shines.

“The fact that Biscred is a CRE-only database is really important,” said Sofia Szabo President of Szabo Studios. “Architects can filter by CRE asset class, property count, geography, and more. Lead-gen processes that used to take hours or even days, now take seconds.”

Additionally, Szabo adds, Biscred’s CRE prospecting platform has virtually eliminated the need for architectural firms to purchase lists with architecture project leads, which can quickly become stale.

How Do Architects Use Biscred to Get Architectural Projects?

An informal survey among Biscred’s architects found that they use Biscred to announce new projects and service lines and to identify and reach out to ideal prospects for future collaborations. This is how smart sales intelligence works.

Smart sales intelligence refers to the strategic implementation of data-driven insights and technologies to enhance sales and marketing efforts. In other words, sales intelligence uses technology to crawl vast reams of data, collect what’s relevant, sort it, and deliver it to your dashboard in split seconds.

The ultimate sales intelligence tools provide you access to the data you need without requiring you to search for and gather information from multiple places, filter through it all to see what matters, and manually connect the dots between various data points.

Here are five ways architects have told us that they use Biscred to find new business leads.

1. Hyper-Target Marketing Strategies for Architects

Biscred is solely focused on the commercial real estate business. This means that using the system quickly streamlines your research and prospecting efforts. It also frees you from the burden of sorting through irrelevant info from industries that will not help you reach your growth goals. Databases are only as good as the data they contain, and they are only as useful as the interface you have to manage that data. Using a database that has inaccurate or incomplete information is a significant waste of time and resources. The same is true for data that is unrelated to your target industry and business goals. Hyper-targeted data delivered through smart technology helps architects grow their commercial real estate businesses.

2. Supplement (and Surpass) Architects’ Inbound Marketing Strategies

The typical architecture firm gets business leads from three inbound sources: repeat business, referrals, and people who find you.

  • Repeat business is great but it is not guaranteed to provide growth. Also, savvy business practices dictate that you never put all of your eggs in one basket.

  • Referrals may provide prospects that are more likely to turn into clients — word of mouth (WOM) has always been one of the best-converting methods of growing your business — but if you want to grow your business, WOM shouldn’t be your sole source of leads.

  • Inbound marketing strategies for architects rely on being found organically, whether through online searches, physical and digital directories, or social media discoveries.

“We’re not saying you should stop nurturing inbound channels,” Ben Hertz said. “Keep doing what works, but don’t rely solely on an ‘if we build it, they will come’ type strategy.”

Smart sales intelligence tools like Biscred allow you to identify and access CRE owners, developers, and decision-makers so you can do effective outbound marketing. Filter data in ways that matter to you — by asset class, industry, location, property count, etc. — and use the information to reach out through email, telephone, website, LinkedIn, or whatever method you prefer.

3. Increase ROI on Sales and Biz Dev

“The Biscred platform has streamlined our process and reduced our prospecting timeline by more than 50%,” said architectural firm BASE4.

Business development takes a great deal of work and requires a variety of specialties, especially if you’re trying to achieve real growth. To do this you need business development, marketing and sales professionals. Additionally, you need some technology that facilitates those roles and a marketing budget. It costs a lot to hire people to fill these roles, buy access to sales and marketing technology, and support marketing efforts.

Biscred allows you to do more with the team you have instead of requiring you to staff up or build a full business development team. With limited resources and Biscred, you can increase your outbound activity and hone in your growth efforts quicker and with less cost, maximizing your ROI.

4. CRE Prospecting Tool Gain a Broad View and Reduce Lost Opportunities

Using online searches, traditional CRMs, and multiple sources of public information is time-consuming. Trying to connect the dots between all of these sources and pinpoint high-quality prospects and opportunities is tedious. What’s worse though is that this approach to growth makes it easy to miss opportunities. No matter how sharp or dedicated you are, you cannot paint the whole picture as easily or reliably as smart sales intelligence tools.

With Biscred’s intelligent prospecting tool, firms spend less time finding leads because the platform delivers it in real-time, on demand via a customizable dashboard. SDRs and BDRs can then spend more time nurturing leads, rather than chasing them! Pinpoint opportunities and identify people quickly using filters specific to CRE.

5. Increase Your Speed to Market

Two things we hear time and again from Biscred’s users is they like the platform because:

  1. It’s commercial real estate-specific.

  2. It’s easy to onboard and even easier to use.

Biscred helps commercial real estate architects locate developers quickly so they can identify high-value prospects faster. Architects are increasingly leveraging sales intelligence strategies to fuel their growth and success. Biscred is a powerful sales intelligence platform that provides valuable insights and analytics that help architects make data-driven decisions, identify prospects, and streamline sales processes. By leveraging this platform you can navigate the competitive market, identify opportunities, stay ahead of the competition and drive sustainable growth.

Try it for yourself: Set up a demo today.

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