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Biscred President Rob Armstrong Hits The Ground Running Driving Results And Doing More Business

Since Biscred’s launch in July 2022, the company has been working tirelessly to help sales and marketing teams selling to commercial real estate have a more sophisticated approach to driving consistent pipeline and deal flow.

Biscred’s comprehensive database consists of millions of data assets exclusively sourced through the Bisnow ecosystem, along with a proprietary data supply chain and direct collection system, which enable users to easily access data across the CRE industry. Users can find key accounts and decision-makers using a unique, first-of-its-kind, index of CRE-specific industry and asset tags as well as highly accurate contact information and seniority levels all in one place.

Biscred recently welcomed its new president, Rob Armstrong, who has been tapping into his extensive experience in founding and leading advertising technology and B2B sales and marketing data assets over the last 15 years. He comes to Biscred ready to lead the organization to achieve its goals and wow customers with a highly transformative product experience.

“We have an incredible opportunity ahead of us to bring much-needed data intelligence and smart workflow solutions that will provide our customers a level of sophistication and capacity for success that is truly next level, ” Armstrong said. “I was attracted to the company’s culture and caliber of the Biscred founding team. It has been an honor to join the broader Bisnow organization and take part in this special journey. I couldn’t be more excited.”

Bisnow sat down with Armstrong to discuss what brought him to Biscred, what he looks forward to most in his role as president, and his goals for growing the platform.

Bisnow: Can you tell us about your background? How have your professional experiences prepared you for your role?

Armstrong: Success isn’t a straight line and my career certainly embodies this picture. Through the ups and particularly the downs, I’ve grown in many ways, with persistence and the power of incremental improvements. In my roles, I typically served as the Head of Product or Head of Product and Technology, leading the vision and strategic roadmap of organizations, as well as the execution and delivery of software and data assets.

The startup experience is like walking on a knife’s edge — on one hand, there’s great excitement in creating something out of nothing, while at the same time, it's always harder than you’d expect. This is where persistence, grit, and a degree of pragmatic optimism serve well.

Biscred has enjoyed early success on its first product launch and we continue to receive significant proof points of validation from our current customers that we are solving real problems in a unique way. We’re only just beginning, and there’s vast untapped potential ahead of us. Our relationship with Bisnow creates such a powerful and complimentary dynamic to both productize exclusive and unique data and also to take our solutions to market in a thoughtful and scalable way.

Bisnow: What excites you the most about leading Biscred? What do you see as its unique value proposition in the market?

Armstrong: I’m really excited to help the CRE industry harness data for sales and marketing outcomes. We're combining unique and proprietary data assets tailor-made for CRE with tried and proven methodologies and best practices that have brought success to the broader B2B sales and marketing industry. I’m excited about delivering a comprehensive solution suite of services alongside unique and first-of-its-kind data to move the industry forward.

Biscred has a unique approach to a problem that in CRE is solved by tools that are not really built for growing a sales pipeline and cultivating audience engagement. By having high-quality audience data, sales and marketing teams can build their total addressable market, and then find the contacts to turn into leads and convert into new customers.

There are no other CRE-specific tools that provide this today. Our most sophisticated clients are using a combination of tools and stitch them together. But these tools aren’t built to work the way that customers are using them, and the customers have to do a lot of workarounds to get what they need. I love that we're bringing something new that removes friction and helps people be more successful in their roles. When you create something that is new, it takes a lot of time, education, patience, and finesse to make it work.

Bisnow: How do you plan to drive growth and innovation within the company?

Armstrong: We’re focusing on the power of small increments and on putting our best foot forward each day. We’re looking to maximize the value and outcomes that we can capture with every improvement to the dataset and product suite. The majority of my time to date has been spent with our commercial team, learning about how the market is responding to our capabilities and listening to their feedback. I am always thinking about how we can meet the most pragmatic outcomes that drive value and give customers a better experience. The challenge is managing business growth without over-committing or over-extending ourselves and delivering half-baked capabilities that disappoint. Our goal is to at least triple our customer base this year and prepare for the next stage of scaling up.

These outcomes take a functional team working together and truly collaborating. A challenge in any environment is knowing how hard to push versus when to support and be patient and finding the right moments to do one or the other. The good news is that we already have a great team in place.

My deepest desire is to help people grow in their careers and lives. This involves discovering and sharpening their talents, achieving new heights of success, and fostering an environment where we can safely challenge and push each other. The goal is to obtain the best results, both in the present and well into the future.

Click here to start a complimentary trial of Biscred’s sales platform and reach out to to learn more about how Biscred can help you find the right CRE contacts.

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