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How to Find Commercial Construction Leads

For construction companies that want to grow, pursuing partnerships with property owners, building owners and developers is a logical strategy. How does a construction company find leads? You have the usual channels — networking, paid advertising, and responding to public requests for bids — but other methods are more strategic and help put you in front of the right projects at the right time.

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In this post, we delve into strategies for construction companies that are eager to forge profitable connections within the commercial real estate sector. By navigating the nuances of engaging with property and building owners alongside developers, we unlock the keys to leveraging these relationships for lucrative new builds, renovations and contractor projects. 

This may sound like a sale pitch for Biscred, and in a way, it is. We want to show you the best way to get construction leads using Biscred to connect with CRE developers, builders, designers, managers and all the people in the industry. 

3 Things to Do Before Searching for Construction Job Leads

  1. First, identify your target market: List all the factors that matter to your construction firm: Location, project size, project sector (warehouse, industrial, retail, healthcare for example), project type (new construction or renovation), as well as must-haves and must-not-haves. For the latter — must not haves — you might think about things like LEED certification, years of experience, or company size. 

  2. Second, create inbound lead generation channels, which are the cornerstone of attracting potential leads to your business. Learn more about inbound vs. outbound leads to harness the power of attraction (it doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships!). Create informative blog posts, case studies and white papers that address CRE development challenges. Optimize your website for search engines, ensuring it becomes a go-to resource for industry-related queries. Embrace content that educates, engages, and magnetizes potential CRE developers toward your expertise.

  3. Third, use outbound lead nurturing channels to complement inbound efforts, focusing on personalized communication to cultivate relationships with identified prospects and leads. Tactics include targeted email campaigns, direct calls, and personalized messages tailored to resonate with CRE developers’ interests. Showcase your expertise and commitment to their needs, offering value-driven content and solutions. Develop a systematic approach to engage and nurture leads, ensuring consistent follow-ups to build trust and rapport.

Best Way to Find and Close Construction Leads in CRE

Here is where we pick up our sales pitch for Biscred’s smart datasets that put you in contact with thousands of CRE companies. As of this date, Biscred has over 186,000 companies and nearly 441,000 professionals (and growing, as we add information weekly to our datasets). 

So, let’s say you’re a construction company in the Midwest, and you’re looking for new office building projects. You’re interested in new construction, as well as renovations. One way is to find out who owns a building and cold call. With Biscred, you can filter your searches to match your criteria. 

Company industries = We selected construction, developer, operator, and general contractors, which nets 101,000 companies and more than 266,000 people across the country.

We narrowed our company states to the Midwest (specifically to Indiana, Michigan and Ohio) = 8,400+ companies and 30,900+ people.

Next, we narrowed company asset experience to office complexes only = 3,100+ companies and 19,700+ people.

You can filter even more by the company size, including the number of contacts (employees) and properties under management. You can also filter to metropolitan areas. What you’ll see is specific company names, their projects, and their key contacts including phone numbers, addresses and email addresses. 

This is smart targeting, which, within seconds, delivers a list of 3,100 prospective companies to reach out to.

Purchasing Leads Vs Prospecting Contractor Job Leads

You can still purchase lead lists, but do you want to put all your eggs in one outdated basket? There are better alternatives. Smart prospecting is replacing purchased lead lists for many reasons:

  1. Staleness of data: Lead lists can quickly become outdated as contact information ages or changes. Purchased lists are less effective over time, making them irrelevant and inaccurate.

  2. Limited quality control: Purchased lists may lack quality control, containing inaccuracies or irrelevant contacts that do not align with the business's specific needs. This can result in wasted resources and time spent on unproductive leads.

  3. Missed opportunities: Many lead collection methods rely on opt-ins, where individuals must actively engage with the platform or respond to inquiries to be added to the list. This approach may overlook potential leads who did not complete the necessary actions.

  4. Lack of personalization: Generic lead lists often lack personalization or customization to cater to a business's unique requirements or niche market. This absence of tailored data can hinder effective targeting and engagement strategies.

  5. Limited insights: Purchased lists may not offer comprehensive insights into lead qualification criteria or the methodologies used for data collection and qualification, impeding the ability to assess the list's suitability for specific business objectives.

  6. Diminished trust building: Using purchased lists for outreach might not foster trust or credibility with potential leads. 

The evolving role of data-driven prospecting tools like Biscred is changing the way construction companies are finding opportunities, making lead generation easier and much more efficient for construction firms to grow. To learn more about personalized outreach and how such tools enhance relationship-building over cold calling: Click here for our in-depth guide to finding better CRE leads.

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