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Biscred: Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Who’s Included in Biscred’s CRE Broker Datasets

A “broker” in any business relationship acts as a matchmaker between buyers and sellers. In the CRE space, the 7 types of CRE Brokers include:

  • Investment sales brokers

  • Tenant representation brokers

  • Landlord representation brokers

  • CRE debt brokers

  • CRE equity brokers

  • CRE agency brokers

  • CRE property insurance brokers

With Biscred, you’ll have access to everything from small brokerage firms to the largest commercial real estate brokers in the country:

  • 23,000+ CRE brokerage companies

  • 67,700+ CRE brokerage professionals

CRE Broker: Tenant and Landlord Representation

Tenant brokers in CRE represent the renters’ or lessors’ best interests, while landlord brokers, as you may have guessed, represent the property owners’ best interests. Brokers who offer tenant representation help their clients (tenants and lessees) find commercial space, secure favorable lease terms, and navigate the leasing process. On the other side, landlord representation helps their clients (property owners) market their properties, find and vet prospective tenants, and negotiate leases.

Our database contains 15,568 companies and 59,747 professionals who offer tenant and/or landlord representation.

Where can you find CRE tenant and landlord reps?

  • Midwest: 2,313 companies and 31,324 people

  • Northeast: 3,209 companies and 34,109 people

  • Southeast: 4,726 companies and 36,331 people

  • Southwest: 2,316 companies and 31,433 people

  • West: 3,477 companies and 26,311 people

CRE tenant and landlord reps asset experience

Here is a snapshot of three of the 24 asset classes for CRE tenant and/or landlord representative brokers:

  • Office: 10,444 companies and 53,958 people who offer tenant-landlord brokerage services for office space

  • Retail: 10,425 companies and 52,442 people who offer tenant-landlord brokerage services

  • Mixed-Use: 4,120 companies and 32,643 people in mixed-use development

CRE Broker: Debt

Brokerage firms and individuals that arrange and facilitate debt financing for CRE transactions help property owners, developers, and investors secure loans or other forms of debt capital to fund real estate projects. The commercial property mortgage brokers' roles involve understanding the financial needs of their clients, connecting them with potential lenders, negotiating terms, and assisting in the structuring of financing arrangements. A CRE debt broker acts as an intermediary between borrowers and lenders to facilitate the borrowing process for real estate projects.

Our database contains 1,371 firms and 25,660 people who offer debt brokerage services.

Where can you find these CRE debt brokers?

  • Midwest: 146 companies and 21,737 people

  • Northeast: 366 companies and 22,695 people

  • Southeast: 334 companies and 23,346 people

  • Southwest: 177 companies and 23,033 people

  • West: 468 companies and 17,092 people

CRE debt brokerage asset experience

Of the 24 asset classes in Biscred for CRE debt brokers, here is a sample of what you’ll find in three asset classes:

  • Life Sciences: 32 companies and 16,263 people with experience in debt brokerage for life sciences

  • Multifamily: 1,098 companies and 25,476 people with experience in debt brokerage in multifamily housing

  • Entertainment: 123 companies and 16,643 people with experience in debt brokerage

CRE Broker: Equity

Equity brokers play a crucial role in funding commercial real estate developments and acquisitions. Equity brokers facilitate equity financing for real estate projects. Unlike debt brokers who arrange loans, equity brokers assist property owners, developers, and investors in securing equity capital, which involves selling ownership stakes or shares in the venture. Equity brokers connect CRE developers or property owners with potential investors, which can be individual investors, institutional investors, or private equity funds. The broker’s role involves understanding the financial requirements of the project, identifying suitable equity partners, negotiating terms, and structuring equity investment deals.

Our database contains 464 firms and 10,240 people who offer CRE equity investment brokerage services.

Where can you find these CRE equity brokers?

  • Midwest: 53 companies and 7,202 people

  • Northeast: 156 companies and 7,722 people

  • Southeast: 111 companies and 8,427 people

  • Southwest: 65 companies and 8,478 people

  • West: 132 companies and 2,437 people

CRE equity brokerage asset experience

Here is a sample of equity brokerage asset experience in Biscred’s database:

  • Senior Living: 120 companies and 9,724 people with experience in equity brokerage services

  • Retail: 342 companies and 9,892 people with experience in equity brokerage

  • Healthcare: 172 companies and 9,930 people with experience in equity brokerage

How Biscred Defines CRE Brokers

CRE Broker: Investment Sales

CRE investment sales brokers are firms (and individuals) that specialize in buying and selling commercial properties. They serve as intermediaries between property owners who want to sell and investors who want to buy. Investment brokers can provide support services throughout the transaction, such as due diligence, contract negotiations and even marketing for properties.

Our database can connect you with 19,969 companies and 61,082 people who offer CRE brokerage services in the United States.

Where can you find CRE brokers?

  • Midwest (12 states): 3,017 companies and 30,080* people

  • Northeast (12 states) : 3,669 companies and 32,868 people

  • Southeast (12 states): 6,084 companies and 35,497 people

  • Southwest (4 states): 2,828 companies and 30,025 people

  • West (11 states): 4,938 companies and 25,641 people

*The sum total of regional numbers is much higher than our total database because many companies operate in multiple states. Biscred’s platform allows you to drill down to “HQ only” if you want to find companies whose headquarters are located within a specific state or region.

CRE brokers’ asset experience

Biscred’s datasets classify companies and their staffs into 24 asset categories, which we call “Asset Experience.” Here is a snapshot of three asset classes for CRE investment sales brokers:

  • Healthcare: 4,515 companies and 41,472 people who offer investment brokerage services in the healthcare industry

  • Hospitality: 7,374 companies and 41,893 people who offer investment brokerage services in the hospitality sector

  • Industrial: 10,105 companies and 46,889 people in mixed-use development investment brokerage

Examples of CRE Brokers in Biscred’s Database

Verity Commercial: Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Verity Commercial is a real estate investment firm, developer, and broker that offers brokerage services in three areas: tenant representation, landlord representation, and investment sales. With Biscred, you’ll be able to connect with 22 professionals at Verity Commercial. The company has projects in 11 locations, and lists 35 projects in its portfolio. Verity has asset experience in 9 Biscred categories: data centers, life sciences, mixed use, healthcare, industrial, multifamily, retail, hospitality, senior living, office and land.

ERES Companies: ERES Companies is a great example of how a brokerage firm’s services often overlap with other CRE services, including property management and general contracting. Biscred’s database includes 24 people contacts at 9 locations (including Florida, Texas and Colorado) for ERES brokers, who offer brokerage services in residential representation, tenant representation, debt and equity, and investment sales.

Tri State Commercial Realty: This New York-based commercial real estate firm offers broker services in investment sales, landlord and tenant representation, and debt financing. They’ve got 31 contacts in Biscred’s database, and they’ve got experience in several asset classes, including multifamily, land, industrial, healthcare, office, retail, education and hospitality.

Biscred’s CRE Asset Classes

Biscred defines commercial real estate as any developed or undeveloped property that is zoned and intended for commercial or business use, including governmental properties. As you explore contact information for CRE brokers and brokerage firms, these asset classes will help you filter to the exact types of properties and companies that you want to reach.

Learn more about Biscred’s 24 asset classes.

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