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Biscred: Commercial Developers, Builders and Contractors

Developers, General Contractors and Construction Companies

How developers, GCs and construction professionals fit into Biscred’s CRE landscape.

Company Industries: How Biscred Identifies Developers, General Contractors and Construction Companies


CRE Developer

Real estate developers are responsible for the business and financial aspects of construction and development projects. Biscred defines CRE developers as a business or individual who is responsible for overall planning and execution of a construction project. They acquire land, obtain permits and inspections, secure financing, set budgets, hire contractors, and oversee the entire construction process. Developers also handle marketing and selling the project.


Our database includes 16,663 companies that do commercial real estate development, and 113,021 professionals who work in CRE development.


Where can you find CRE developers?

  • Midwest (12 states): 2,833 companies and 30,188 people

  • Northeast (12 states) : 4,576 companies and 43,906 people

  • Southeast (12 states): 4,406 companies and 42,562 people

  • Southwest (4 states): 2,428 companies and 28,988 people

  • West (11 states): 3,941 companies and 43,261 people


CRE developers’ asset experience

Biscred’s datasets classify companies and their staffs into 24 asset categories, which we call “Asset Experience.” Here is a snapshot of three asset classes for CRE developers:

  • Multifamily: 10,321 companies and 75,727 people that do development

  • Office: 8,052 companies and 60,659 people that do office building development

  • Mixed-Use: 6,294 companies and 56,000 people in mixed-use development

CRE General Contractor

General contractors are responsible for the construction and management of a building project. Biscred’s definition of general contractor is a person or company that is responsible for the construction of a building or structure. A developer hires the general contractor to manage the entire construction process. GCs plan and oversee the work of subcontractors and make sure projects are finished on time, within budget and within quality standards.

Biscred’s database gives you contact information for 24,493 companies and 87,734 professionals that identify as CRE general contractors.


Where can you find CRE GCs?

  • Midwest (12 states): 4,604 companies and 22,075 people

  • Northeast (12 states) : 5,569 companies and 24,663 people

  • Southeast (12 states): 7,339 companies and 29,335 people

  • Southwest (4 states): 3,453 companies and 17,225 people

  • West (11 states): 5,930 companies and 29,996 people


CRE GCs’ asset experience

Here is a snapshot of three asset classes for CRE general contractors:

  • Education: 8,302 companies and 54,578 people that handle general contracting for school and education buildings

  • Entertainment Facilities: 6,268 companies and 44,884 people that handle general contracting for entertainment facilities

  • Healthcare: 9,355 companies and 57,078 people that offer general contracting services for healthcare real estate

CRE Construction Companies

General contractors hire construction companies to do the work (some companies offer both general contracting and construction). As subcontractors, the construction company is usually responsible for specific parts of a construction project. Construction company subcontractors include roofers, electricians, plumbers, HVAC companies, concrete workers, framers, and even demolition companies.


Biscred’s database gives you contact information for 62,902 construction companies in commercial real estate building, and 101,735 professionals who work in CRE construction.


Where can you find CRE construction companies?

  • Midwest (12 states): 13,824 companies and 28,350 people

  • Northeast (12 states) : 15,986 companies and 27,210 people

  • Southeast (12 states): 16,957 companies and 34,167 people

  • Southwest (4 states): 8,774 companies and 23,162 people

  • West (11 states): 13,323 companies and 26,967 people


CRE construction companies’ asset experience

Here is a snapshot of three asset classes for CRE builders/construction companies:

  • Hospitality: 18,453 companies and 44,856 people who do construction for hotels and hospitality real estate

  • Industrial: 25,339 companies and 60,174 people who do construction on industrial facilities

  • Retail: 21,292 companies and 45,715 people who do construction on retail structures

Who’s Included in Biscred’s Construction Industry Datasets

In addition to developers, general contractors and builders that specialize in one or more types of CRE (office buildings, industrial buildings, retail, multi-use, etc.), our dataset delivers results for businesses that are looking to connect with:

  • Commercial builders, commercial building companies

  • Commercial building contractors

  • Commercial real estate developers and development firms

  • Commercial remodeling contractors

  • Commercial renovation contractors

  • Ground-up construction

  • New commercial building construction companies and subcontractors


101,103 companies

286,846 people

Examples of Developers, General Contractors, and Construction Companies


Zubatkin: Based in Manhattan and West Palm Beach, Zubatkin (also known as Zubatkin Owner Representation LLC), is a great example of niche developer-contractors you can connect with through Biscred. Zubatkin has an estimated 100 properties in its portfolio, including entertainment, retail, education and office buildings.


Auburn Mechanical: This general contractor based in Washington state provides mechanical, building and pre-construction services. Auburn Mechanical has a wide range of asset experience that includes CRE projects in hospitality, office, healthcare, retail, industrial, government and more. Biscred’s members can connect with more than 40 Auburn Mechanical construction professionals.


Emerald Construction Management: Specializing in office, healthcare and industrial properties, this Colorado construction company has an estimated 12,500 properties in its portfolio.

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