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  • Thibaudeau: There has been no platform built for salespeople that is specific to the CRE space, until now. If you go to other platforms, they're going to lump all of real estate into one giant vertical, which includes both the residential and commercial markets. However, Biscred is intentionally keeping its focus on CRE and on what makes the industry unique, and that’s by breaking down the different entity types or the different asset classes or properties, or focusing on the differences between owners, developers and investors.

    What also differentiates us is tracking those key data points at the company level but also at the person level. We ask something like, ‘What asset type is this person focused on?’ A company may have 10 different asset types but the individual who works at that company has a focus on one specific one. It’s a level of detail that other platforms aren’t focusing on.

  • Thibaudeau: Instead of logging into different systems and having a variety of data subscriptions, sales teams can just come to Biscred and easily build out a criteria search that is unique to what they need. Because Biscred is purpose-built for CRE, we have a much more advanced search system, where users can create complex queries by using filters to layer in criteria at the company level or on the person level, and then get a nuanced list with relevant company or contact information.

    From there, the information can be downloaded or transferred into a customer relationship management (CRM) tool.  We have invested in different workflow tools, so users can store information in a way that makes sense to them and go back to retrieve it when they need it or share it internally. The whole process takes seconds instead of someone’s entire day. Biscred aims to meet people where they are from a workflow perspective.

  • Thibaudeau: Our initial goal was to put out a very straightforward platform in front of users so they could give us a lot of feedback. We launched the platform in July, but we didn’t start selling it immediately. Instead, we launched an extended trial version of the platform and users gave us feedback on how the platform was going for them and what they still needed. We used that feedback to craft a roadmap for the next year.

    For example, in the beginning, the search was very simple and people could only search in a few different ways. To address feedback, we spent a lot of time investing in our search capability. We’re now investing in new datasets and in how we collect data at scale. The platform has become more complex and offers more information and more ways to access it. 

    The scope of coverage has also exponentially increased, and we’re about to increase it more. We’re transitioning from a platform that only contained owners, operators and developers to a platform that is covering a wide range of industries within CRE. Our goal is to be the definitive resource for all things CRE.

    I take pride in the fact that our team is committed to providing our users with what they need, whether it’s more specific data or an optimized search experience to help them make more successful sales in CRE. We take the information we learn and continually check in with users to make Biscred as comprehensive of a platform as possible.

It’s all in the data: How sales teams can find the right CRE contacts

Bisnow sat down with Biscred Head of Product Emma Thibaudeau to discuss the platform’s streamlined approach to connecting sales teams to the right companies and contacts and how it has evolved over the past year. Read the whole interview here.

Sales teams have to spend a lot of time hunting down information about companies, their portfolios and the people who work there and piece together their findings from several providers, and after all that work, there could still be holes in the information,” Thibaudeau said. “The gap we’re trying to fill is to bring together one platform that can do all three of those things for them so that salespeople don’t have to rely on those different providers."

Emma Thibaudeau | Head of Product

Optimize your workflow, don't destroy it

Biscred allows you to quickly build nuanced lists using both company and people attributes. Our workflow tools make importing into your next campaign easy. You’ll be able to gather accurate email addresses and phone numbers of your exact target market more efficiently than ever before. 

Learn how users are leveraging Biscred to find decision-makers, improve their CRM, increase market share, and optimize productivity.

Finding contact information is no longer a chore

Biscred is a sales and marketing enablement platform that allows you to identify new commercial real estate companies and contacts based on CRE-specific indicators. Empowering you to leverage email addresses, phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles of your ideal prospects to smash goals.

Stay up to date with Biscred's latest feature releases
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