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Most Read CRE News In July

Don't miss the top headlines commercial real estate executives have been reading in the month of July.

Capital Markets

Regulators are advising banks to make arrangements with eligible CRE borrowers who have been facing difficulties with their loan obligations.

Due to the increased interest rates, special servicers anticipate resolving loans that have matured quicker.

The consumer price index experienced an increase of 3% from the previous June, which was positive news for REITs.

Starwood Capital Group has yet to repay its $212.5M CMBS loan on Tower Place 100, an Atlanta-based office property.

Nightingale raised over $60M via crowdfunding in Atlanta and Miami, but those funds have allegedly been misappropriated.


Offices have experienced lower sales this year than in previous years. While distressed office assets have been substantially discounted, the price points have not attracted buyers.

The case between JLL and a D.C. landlord is regarding how to properly disclose dual representation.


Through the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Family Self-Sufficiency Program, families living in eligible affordable housing to reclaim their rent increase, which occurred due to a salary increase, and allocate it to an interest-earning savings account.


Farmland has garnered attention for its resilience against inflation and for its lucrative ROI.


Walgreens is set to shut down 300 stores in the UK as well as 150 stores in the U.S. with a goal of minimizing its spending.


Developers are exploring ways to bring tenants upgraded industrial properties that are built to last. This includes prioritizing sustainable efforts, such as parking for the eventual presence of electric vehicles.

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