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A Guide to LinkedIn Advertising for CRE Business Development 

If you’re a small business, large enterprise or mid-size company doing business in the commercial real estate space, and you’re looking at how to strategically grow your business, this guide is for you. 


In today’s digital world, online paid advertisements have become imperative for the success of B2B businesses. Using LinkedIn Ads means that your business reaches over 950 million professionals across the largest professional network. LinkedIn empowers your businesses’ marketing with campaigns targeted toward the individuals actually interested in your services. 

However, CRE professionals may not be as familiar with the digital advertising landscape. Many industries have been upended by the digital age and have found digital advertising to be a difficult space to enter. Biscred has prepared this guide for using LinkedIn for advertising so that you can confidently use LinkedIn to connect with other businesses … and maximize your return on investment

This guide will cover how LinkedIn advertising works and what its benefits are from a CRE perspective. We’ll discuss the types of LinkedIn ads that you’ll commonly come across and what they’re useful for. We’ll also get you started with the campaign manager and how it helps you craft the perfect campaign for your business. You’ll also see how Biscred’s prospecting tool, paired with LinkedIn advertising, becomes a powerful way to prospect and grow your business.

From here, it’s all about testing and optimizing your campaigns. To this end, we provide 5 tips on improving your campaign ROI and generating more leads. We’ll talk about how you can find lists of contacts to target, who is actually looking at your advertisements and what their goals are, and some hidden features of LinkedIn ads that will push your campaigns the extra mile. Finally, we’ll talk about how bidding works with digital advertising and how you should bid on ads for your first campaigns. 

To improve your ROI and create more powerful campaigns, consider reading Biscred’s 5 Ways To Get Better ROI On Your LinkedIn Ads today.


Sponsored Content on LinkedIn

These advertisements show up in a user’s LinkedIn feed similar to other posts, but they have “Promoted” tags in them. You can use images, videos, documents or any format that you’d use on your website or resource center. Sponsored content can be used to generate leads or promote special events, such as webinars. 


LinkedIn Sponsored Messages

If you’ve been on LinkedIn, you have likely gotten one-to-one messages that appear in a LinkedIn member’s message box, like a direct message (DM) they’d get from a colleague. These can be personalized (show them that you know them and took time to peruse their profiles). 


Dynamic Ads on LinkedIn

Dynamic ads appear near a user’s news feed, and they look like display ads, but they should be relevant to users and their interests. People who LinkedIn’s algorithm believe are in the tech industry, for example, will get dynamic display ads from companies that want to target IT managers, CIOs, etc. 


Text Ads

This type of advertisement is similar to the sponsored ads you see when you do a Google search, and Google delivers a handful of sponsored posts before getting to organic posts. LinkedIn does something similar by suggesting sponsored content that is relevant to users based on their search and click history on LinkedIn. 

The rest of our guide walks you through how to get started with LinkedIn ads for a commercial real estate business, and we offer tips for improving your ROI on your advertising budget, which include:

  • How to curate a list specifically for commercial real estate businesses and CRE-related businesses

  • Using smart data to identify prospects

  • Identifying prospects by job functions and job classifications

  • Hidden settings you can use to get the most from your LinkedIn ads  

Here’s the tl;dr of what’s inside 5 Ways To Get Better ROI On Your LinkedIn Ads

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