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Company Industries: How Biscred Identifies Property Managers & Operators in Commercial Real Estate

CRE Property Managers

Commercial property managers oversee the daily operations of commercial real estate properties including office buildings, retail centers, industrial parks, warehouses, healthcare complexes, and more. The roles of CRE property management firms and property managers are: leasing and tenant relations, property maintenance and repairs, day-to-day financials, compliance, and security. Property managers tend to be more tenant-facing. If a property owner manages its own properties, we consider the firm to be an operator, not a property manager; we reserve property management designation for third-party firms.


The Biscred database includes 18,767 property management companies and 101,716 people who work in property management.


How to find a property manager: Where can you find CRE property managers?

  • Midwest (12 states): 3,173 companies and 16,425 people

  • Northeast (12 states) : 1,568 companies and 19,568 people

  • Southeast (12 states): 2,241 companies and 24,754 people

  • Southwest (4 states): 1,064 companies and 13,565 people

  • West (11 states): 1,900 companies and 21,121 people

CRE Operator

Where the property manager is concerned primarily with the daily operations of a property, an operator is concerned about the long-term performance and increasing the market value of physical assets. Property operators tend to be more owner/investor-facing, while property managers are more tenant-facing. If a property owner manages its own properties, we consider the firm to be an operator.

Biscred's database provides contact information for 18,480 companies and 190,797 professionals who are CRE operators. Owners can also be operators.

Where can you find CRE operators?

  • Midwest (12 states): 3,348 companies and 31,551 people

  • Northeast (12 states) : 5,117 companies and 48,625 people

  • Southeast (12 states): 4.679 companies and 41,162 people

  • Southwest (4 states): 2,549 companies and 24,525 people

  • West (11 states): 4,551 companies and 44,661 people

CRE operators' asset experience

Here is a snapshot of three asset classes for CRE operators:

  • Retail: 6,722 companies and 18,832 people that handle operations for CRE retail buildings

  • Industrial: 4,916 companies and 14,130 people that handle operations for industrial commercial properties

  • Hospitality: 4,400 companies and 24,836 people categorized as operators in CRE

Who’s Included in Biscred’s Property Managers & Operators Datasets?

Biscred's CRE prospecting platform includes the largest property management companies in the US, as well as local "near me" property management companies and CRE operators. Our platform delivers contact information for businesses looking to connect with:

  • Nationwide property management companies

  • Rental property management companies "near me"

  • Industrial property managers

  • Retail property managers

  • Residential and multifamily property managers


35,794 companies

262,629 people

CRE property managers' asset experience

Biscred’s datasets include 24 asset categories, also called “Asset Experience.” This is a snapshot of three asset classes in our list of USA property management companies:

  • Multifamily: 14,663 companies and 15,963 people working in multifamily property management

  • Office: 8,305 companies and 14,865 people serving in office property management

  • Mixed-Use: 2,819 companies and 50,304 people in mixed-use property management

Examples of Nationwide CRE Property Managers and Operators

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL): One of the top property management companies in terms of the number of properties under management (3,900+ in the Biscred database), this firm manages more than 4.6 billion square feet. It's headquartered in Chicago, and has property management offices in 32 states plus Washington D.C. As with many CRE operators, JLL also does business in CRE brokering, investment sales, consulting services, equity and more.


Wickfield Properties: This Ann Arbor, Mich., real estate investment firm is an operator for several multifamily, mixed use, office, retail and student housing properties. Biscred lists 73 estimated properties under operations in Michigan.


Omnitrax: Based in Denver, Colorado, Omnitrax is a developer, real estate investment firm and operator that specializes in asset classes of infrastructure, railroad and industrial CRE. When you use Biscred, you'll be able to access contact information for over 110 Omnitrax employees.

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