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7 Ways Brand Awareness Can Help You Do More Business Within Commercial Real Estate

Is Awareness of Your Brand Helping You Close More Deals?

In the commercial real estate industry, brand awareness is essential to improving your conversion rate as well as generating more leads. However, navigating the perception of your brand can be difficult if you’re not familiar with the factors that contribute to brand positioning. Your brand’s positioning, or how it presents its value to its customers, is absolutely essential for future success. This guide will help your team understand the relationship between brand positioning and awareness, as well as how they contribute toward improving conversion rate goals. 


Biscred is a commercial real estate platform that will help you achieve your brand’s conversion rate goals. Biscred grants your business access to data about prospective clients across every company, industry, and asset class. Biscred is a platform strictly built for CRE, meaning you’ll have nuanced capabilities to track different entity types and asset classes or properties. It’s never been more efficient to find the prospects interested in your real estate.

However, before you can begin to find your customers, you first need to establish your brand’s position and improve its awareness. The earlier that CRE businesses consider their brand’s positioning, the better. What is your brand? What does it offer? What segments of your audience are on the first steps of their buying journey? Answering these questions means being familiar with such as email marketing techniques, conversion rates, and more. 

This guide offers 7 ways that professionals in the CRE industry can leverage brand awareness. If your sales team is searching for additional strategies, this guide also provides additional resources and marketing strategies to experiment with to tap into new markets and revitalize old ones. Improve your brand familiarity and get your brand in front of the right members of your audience.

Who should read this guide? Anyone doing business within the commercial real estate industry. Not only CRE brokers and agents, developers and contractors, but also service providers:

  • Architectural firms

  • Design firms

  • Insurance agencies and brokers

  • Lenders

  • Materials providers

  • Professional services (cleaning, HVAC, landscaping)

  • Proptech firms


Evaluate Your Branding

In the first section of our guide, we explain how branding is used throughout an organization, from the way your staff answers the phone to your print collateral, vehicle signage and your website and social media channels. 

  • Define your brand’s tone, personality and voice: What is your brand’s personality or voice? Is it informative, serious, and traditional? Or is it more playful, and smart but cheeky? Share that information company-wide, even if you’re a small business with only a handful of employees. 

  • Images and graphic design: Many web-based tools make it easy to design your own print collateral, infographics, images and logos. Take care in who handles your design, and ensure the colors, images and graphics line up with your brand. 

  • Logo: This is the first thing many customers will see when you meet, so make it relatable to what you do and easy to reproduce. 

  • Taglines and slogans: In the guide, we’ll show you how we used AI to generate ideas for taglines for a fictitious commercial painting and pressure-washing company. If you use AI for content, use it wisely; adapt the AI-written taglines so they make sense for you and are original to your brand and what you do.


Email Marketing for Brand Promotion

In the second section of the guide, we explain 4 tips for promoting your brand through email marketing:

  • Make sure messages are mobile-friendly.

  • Use compelling subject lines (again, this is where AI-written content might be helpful).

  • Always include multiple calls to action (CTA) that meet readers where they are in their journey (read more, see how it works, schedule a demo).

  • Personalize your messages. While email workflows can be easily automated, when you have hot prospects, show them that you know them by incorporating personal messages.


Promote Branding Through Newsletter Ads

As a sister company to Bisnow, we have seen the benefits of CRE business partners that leverage Bisnow’s newsletter distribution lists by including advertorials and advertisements to the Bisnow readership. 


Sponsored Content

Speaking of paid promotions, in addition to Bisnow’s newsletter ads, your branding can be used for social media posts, LinkedIn articles, and more. 


Speaking of Social Media … 

Social media has an organic component as well, which helps firms build relationships, share helpful content, and generate leads that can be nurtured through your own website and email marketing workflows. 


Retargeting Ads

Smart marketers use paid digital marketing efforts, including advertising retargeting. We touch on how LinkedIn is used for creating predictive audiences, so you can target the right audience with the right messages. 


Value Beyond Your Brand

Customer service and customer relationship management are two components of building value beyond your brand. In other words, once you close the deal, how can you build a longer-term relationship? We present three companies that have done just that — Uber, Slack and Zillow — all of whom have built value beyond their brand.  

Here’s the tl;dr of what you’ll get when you read our guide

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