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Biscred CRE Asset Class: Multifamily Properties

For users who are new to Biscred's CRE prospecting platform, we've created several ways to search and filter. One of those filters is “CRE asset class.” Searching by asset class allows users to define the types of properties they want to do business with, such as retail, healthcare, life sciences and multifamily housing.

How Biscred Defines Multifamily Assets

We define a multifamily structure as residences that can house more than one tenant, each of whom who uses their own private, separate entrances, and it generates income for their owners. These include: row houses and townhouses; duplexes, triplexes, and quadplexes; garden apartments; mid-rise and high-rise apartments; military housing*; and condominiums.


*Military housing, in the Biscred database, has a dual tag with our CRE asset class government.


For a deeper dive into multifamily housing, as well as trends, read our Guide to Multifamily Housing.

Company Industries Within Biscred's Multifamily Asset Class

Within Biscred's multifamily asset class, the database allows users to sort companies and professionals by company industry. The CRE companies and CRE-adjacent companies (and individuals) you’ll find in Biscred’s database include:

  • Architects

  • Cleaning and maintenance companies

  • Multifamily builders (including multifamily construction companies and multifamily general contractors)

  • Consultants

  • CRE brokers

  • Developers

  • Engineering firms

  • Environmental consultants

  • Interior designers

  • General contractors

  • Landscapers

  • Law firms

  • Lenders

  • Materials suppliers (including apartment maintenance supply companies,

  • Operators

  • Private equity firms

  • Property managers

  • Proptech companies

  • Real estate investment firms

  • Real estate investment trusts (REIT)

  • MORE to come!

How to Find Multifamily Property Owners

Finding who owns a multifamily property requires accessing local public records, all of which are publicly available. Most counties make property records available online for free through a county assessor's database, also known as county appraisers in some states. These sites can be wonky, so get as much information as possible, such as physical address and the parcel number if possible. Parcel numbers can be found on assessors' maps and websites.

If you are looking to connect with multifamily property owners, use Biscred to search for private equity firms, real estate investment firms, real estate investment trusts (REIT), and developers.

Make sure that the owner is actually who you need to connect with to grow your business. Owners of larger properties or of large numbers of properties contract the day-to-day operations to property management firms. If you are looking to do business with a multifamily property, start with property management firms.

Related: Who owns a commercial property? This post explains how to use public records to find who owns a commercial property, including multifamily apartment building companies.

Biscred's database contains contact information for companies and for individuals.


The Company Criteria include companies that our data analysts have confirmed are affiliated with the multifamily asset class. You can see from this screenshot, that Biscred shows 88,288 companies in the United States that do some sort of CRE business with multifamily properties. Those companies employ 363,671 people who are also in the Biscred database.

How to Use Biscred to Connect With Multifamily Properties

The People Criteria include CRE professionals (individuals) who our data analysts have validated as being associated in some way with multifamily real estate. You can see from this screenshot that there are 74,869 people with multifamily asset experience at 19,760 companies.*

If you set both Company Asset Experience and People Asset Experience to multifamily, you will get 18,753 companies and 71,384 people. From there, you can filter to region (US regional or specific states), specific cities, number of contacts at a company, and number of properties listed within the companies' portfolios.

Example: How to Find Multifamily Property Managers in Nashville, Tenn.

In this exercise, we used Biscred to identify property management firms and property managers in Nashville, Tenn., who handle multifamily CRE. We wanted to find the largest apartment owners, multifamily property managers, and property management firms.

Our search returned 41 companies that offer property management services in Nashville, and 3,453 CRE professionals who have some affiliation with Nashville's multifamily property management services.

To narrow to the largest, we can choose to define "large" by number of properties, number of employees (contacts), a combination of both.

Our list is narrowed to six CRE companies that do multifamily property management in Nashville: CBRE, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), Lincoln Property Company, Northpoint Asset Management, Elmington Affordable Asset Management, and Brookside Properties.

Build Your Multifamily CRE Network

Ready to give it a try? Schedule a Biscred demo to see how our prospecting platform works, and how you can connect with 88,000 and growing CRE companies that work with multifamily properties.

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