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Biscred CRE Asset Class: Healthcare

Asset classes in commercial real estate define the intent of the property. Biscred's database uses more than two dozen asset classes, including healthcare, to identify the types of properties that companies deal with.

How Biscred Defines Healthcare Real Estate

Biscred defines healthcare commercial real estate as any property that is intended for healthcare and medical use. The healthcare asset class does not include life sciences or senior living, which have its own asset classes. Health care real estate includes outpatient facilities, medical office real estate, clinics, hospital real estate, rehabilitation centers, treatment centers, birth centers, and imaging and radiology centers.


Biscred's data analysts use several identifiers, including asset class and company industry, so it's easy for you to find and connect with the right people and CRE businesses. Grow your CRE-related business in the healthcare sector using Biscred to find and connect with the right people and companies.

Company Industries Within Biscred's Healthcare Asset Class

Connect with commercial real estate professionals and companies that specialize in healthcare assets. Biscred's database includes more than 353,200 people and 50,700 companies that build, design, manage, service and finance healthcare real estate.


  • Architects and architectural firms

  • Cleaning and maintenance companies

  • Healthcare building companies (including construction and general contractors)

  • CRE brokers

  • Healthcare real estate development companies

  • Engineering firms

  • Environmental consultants

  • Interior designers

  • Landscapers

  • Law firms

  • Lenders

  • Materials suppliers (including apartment maintenance supply companies,

  • Operators

  • Private equity firms

  • Property managers

  • Proptech companies

  • Healthcare real estate consultants and advisors

  • Real estate investment firms

  • Real estate investment trusts (REIT) that specialize in healthcare properties

  • MORE to come!

How to Find Who Owns Healthcare CRE?

To find out who owns a building or commercial property, your local county assessor or property appraiser's office will have that information. Most mid-size to larger counties have that information available online, as property ownership falls in the public domain.


Biscred's database puts you in touch with the people who design, build, manage, service, and support healthcare CRE. You'll also find companies that have identified themselves as owners, owner/operators, and investment trusts. If you are looking to grow your CRE-related business in the healthcare field, these are likely the people and companies with whom you want to connect.

Biscred's database is continuously updated, both manually by our data analysts and automatically with technology. On the day we prepared this guide, our database contained information for 50,746 companies and 353,251 people who do business in healthcare CRE.


Using Company Criteria, this example search shows the 50,746 companies who work in healthcare CRE and employ 353,251 professionals.

How to Use Biscred to Connect With Healthcare CRE Companies

Using the People Criteria search filters and selecting healthcare as our variable, we're delivered 44,789 people whom we have identified as specializing in healthcare real estate; they are associated with 12,195 companies.

From there, you can further narrow your search based on company industries, company size (based on number of employees or number of properties), and type of contact information (show only contacts with phone numbers or LinkedIn profiles, for example).

Example: Find Healthcare REITs in Dallas

In this example, we wanted contact information for people and businesses who might have an ownership role or financial stakes in healthcare CRE in the Dallas, Texas, area. We set the search filters to:

  • Company industries = private equity, real estate investment firm, REIT

  • Company asset experience = healthcare

  • Company state = Texas

  • Company city = Dallas

You can see in this screenshot that Biscred has information for 134 companies and 7,201 people.

That's a lot for our example, so now we want to try to identify the largest and best medical REITs by setting these filters:

  • Company contact count = 50 to 1,000+

  • Company property count = 100 to 1,000+

That narrowed our search to 12 companies and 3,094 people, which is a much more manageable prospecting list for our example project! That's the advantage of Biscred's CRE database -- the ability to create prospecting lists that are as wide or narrow as your project needs.

Find Contacts for Healthcare CRE

With Biscred, you have access to healthcare architectural firms, healthcare real estate investors, healthcare property managers, real estate brokers that specialize in healthcare, as well as firms that specialize in architecture, design and construction.

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