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California Solar Mandate Gold Rush

Thanks to the California Energy Commission (CEC) decision to mandate newly constructed commercial buildings to add solar and storage in effect on January 1, 2023, there's a gold rush of demand in the Golden State. The impact of this update to the California Energy Code could increase California’s solar market by roughly 22% according to Solar Power World. With 10 other states and provinces declaring intentions to be reliant on 100% renewable energy in the near future, this is only the beginning of a tidal wave of demand.

Opportunity: Commercial Solar Sales in California 

Problem: How to sell solar to developers and businesses in California

How do you find commercial developers in California that need to buy solar panels? With a government-induced increase in the commercial solar energy market, the question remains how to secure your slice of the pie? The demand is there and you have the supply, but how do you find the commercial owners, developers, and operators who need to add solar to their buildings to be Title 24 compliant?

Solution: Biscred, the prospecting and sales enablement tool built for navigating commercial real estate

CRE is complex. You need a sales prospecting tool that understands the nuances of commercial real estate to find the right contacts. Whether you're looking for California multifamily apartment developers or owners of industrial buildings in Los Angeles, we've got the fastest path to finding them. Our intelligent database boasts over 1 million data points and our team of 120 analysts adds over 10,000 CRE contacts a week. With Biscred, you can spend more time selling to solar prospects and waste less time trying to find them.

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