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Instantly identify the Commercial Real Estate contacts you need

Looking for a faster way to find contact information for investors or owners working with developers, private equity firms or REITs? Biscred can make that easy for you with our CRE-specific prospecting platform.

To show you how easy it is, we’ll share 25 senior-level leads from your choice of industry, asset class experience, and location. Come to a brief demo of the Biscred platform to get your custom contacts and see how you can discover high-caliber prospects in minutes.

Act now to receive your sample lead list and connect with hard-to-find contacts.

Industry (of your preferred lead)
Asset Experiences (of your preferred lead)
State (of your preferred lead)
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"Finding contact information for borrowers with Biscred is simple. It has saved us so much time and made hitting our targets much easier."

BridgeInvest |  Assoc. Originations

"The Biscred platform has streamlined our process and reduced our prospecting timeline by more than 50%."


Trusted by CRE movers and shakers
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