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Scaling Up: Biscred’s Approach To Ensuring Accurate and Efficient Data

When Chanan Braunstein was ready to pursue his next opportunity in software development, he couldn’t pass up the chance to manage millions of data points at a burgeoning start-up company. 

The engineering executive has worked for both small and large companies during his 25 years in the industry and he said he enjoys the scrappy pace of a start-up company and the ability to directly witness the impact his work has on customers. 

Today, he is Vice President of Technology at Biscred, a sales and marketing enablement platform that allows users to identify new commercial real estate companies and contacts based on industry, asset class experience, job seniority, location, and more CRE-specific indicators. Here, he can apply his skills in data management as well as software and systems architecture in the start-up environment he loves. 

“The Biscred platform has a solid foundation; we want to take that foundation and make the data process more scalable so that we can bring in more data sources moving forward,” he said. “Biscred proved that building out such a platform quickly can be done and that the idea for a commercial real estate-specific platform is viable.”

Biscred began by leveraging 14 years of authenticated data through Bisnow. Today, over 10,000 contacts are input and verified on a weekly basis by Biscred’s in-house data team and machine learning systems.

Braunstein’s responsibilities at Biscred include overseeing data processing, creating a roadmap for deploying data with Biscred Head of Product Emma Thibaudeau, and working with engineers to troubleshoot any technology issues on the back end.

“When we were preparing for 2024, we knew that getting our plans in place for troubleshooting data was a high priority,” he said. “The ultimate goal for us is to have a solid platform for our users and production with data that we know has a high-quality bar.”

Braunstein said that he has two goals on the radar for Biscred within the first half of this year. The first is to speed up the data pipeline and create an audit trail for data that comes from different sources, which helps with tracking and updating any changes. 

“We want there to be a short time frame from the day we get the data until the day the data goes into production,” he said. “Before we define the timeframe, we want to first look at our historical data and figure out what we can trim from each day until the data reaches production.”

The second goal is to submit each code change to a test environment, automatically test each one separately with automated software tools, and then send it off to production.

“The idea here is that the developer doesn’t have to hand it off to quality assurance to do manual testing with a browser and keyboard,” Braunstein said. “We can automatically do testing with the software tools we have, which saves a lot of time.”

He said that he is looking forward to continuing to support his team with scaling the data on the Biscred platform. 

“The Biscred tech team is working hard, getting data out in front of customers, so we can get feedback and bring our customers the data they need most,” Braunstein said.

Click here to schedule a demo of the Biscred platform and learn how our data can help you smash your growth targets.

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